Netiquette - Publishing regulations


We want site to be as free as possible and not amenable of censorship, the respect for people and their own opinions and wills. For this reason we ask everybody to follow the hereunder listed regulations.


  1. Direct publication, regulations and netiquette


You’ll be able to publish on the website, reviews only after a confirmed stay. Contributions will be published not necessarily with site administration prior control: nevertheless if they don’t comply with the regulations, such content will be blocked.


General regulations regarding contents:


  1. It’s forbidden to mention other websites or people’s names on the Website.

  2. Off-topics (comments not complying with the topic) will be blocked by administrators.

  3. There are some ready links for report-abuses (complaints about messages or sent emails), if necessary send an email to through the contact form.

  4. Content which needs to will be made public once moderated

  5. Please pay attention to the Titles you use, try to make content clear with a good one, others don’t know what you have in mind. Website administrators may consider and deem content unfit for the Website perhaps due to the seriousness and multitude of people using it.

  6. Writing in capital letters is considered like shouting on the web according to basic rules on netiquette ( - true as for 29th June 2016). Use moderate language adequate to the expectations of the users.


2. Personal identity and reserved information


It is forbidden to share personal information of other Users of the Website unless necessary to comply with the law. It is forbidden to render public any information which may reveal the identity of underage or vulnerable people.


3. Communication


  1. You mustn’t offend personal nor national dignity and reputation, threaten, insult other Users in any case including but not limited to their gender, origin, religion, wealth or political opinion.


b. You can not publish information of commercial, promotional, advertising or political and campaigning nature, nor you can transmit or distribute any form of communication not required;


c. The content published by users (comments, statements, etc.) must be relevant to the context in which they are published (off-topic content will be cancelled).


4. Copyright

Before using any type of content (articles, audio, video) you have to make sure not to violate the rights that govern their use.


5. Content and verification

The data and information posted by users should be true and verified both before publication, by the authors of entries, as well as after, by all other users. uses a system of documentation distributed the reliability of which depends on the quality and reliability of user contributions. Therefore false information or lacking of due evidence will be removed.


6. Documentation and verification

The data and information posted by users should be thoroughly documented and verified both before publication, by the authors of the entries, and afterwards, by all other users. uses a distributed documentation system which trustworthiness depends on the quality and reliability of user contributions. Therefore false information or lacking due findings will be removed.


7. Managing Rules


a. There are various types of registered users, briefly listed here for purely descriptive purpose:

- Hosts: people providing CLIL lessons, Work Related Learning experiences, accommodation and other services and related products;

- People living there: those living together with Hosts;

- People working there: those working together with the Host and significantly in contact with Guests who may be minors or vulnerable adults (over 16 all registered through at least one parent’s (or legal guardian’s) details);

- Student Guests: Users of the services provided.

- Tutors: People in some cases in charge of providing feedback to Guests and Hosts


b. The content and comments that violate the law or which are contrary to the publication rules will be blacked out by the moderators so that they will no longer be visible on the site.


c. Users responsible for abuses or repeated conduct contrary to the publication rules will be blocked by administrators who may impede future access to the comments section.


8. Amendments to the Rules


These rules are subject to audits and changes that may become necessary or simply to improve them.