Unpaid work experiences - work related learning - Presentations

Could I have a more detailed explanation?

Sure, check out our Presentations hereunder for Student Guests and Work Tutors

Student Guests


Work Related Learning

Dear Work Tutor,

- you will basically have to:

- sign the agreement the student will take to you (with high school Headmaster’s and School Tutor’s and Student’s Parent’s and Student’s signatures) declaring you are taking on the high school student on an unpaid work related learning experience program;

- sign the register with hours done, at the end of each work experience, you may ask the student to fill it in;

- provide feedback on an online form you will receive via e-mail;

- no money is involved

- the parents sign to take responsibility for anything the underage student does which is not already covered by third party liability and, thanks to this document, by national insurance;

- your main responsibility is that which an employer normally has, moreover you must communicate (not solve) any problems to the student’s Tutor to avoid negligence and fault (misconduct).

We are sure students will be of good help for your organisation.

Thank you.

Warm regards

Dr. Avanzi Matthew